By : Shabeena Mol

How to Maintain Employee Relationship in a Company

Managing a team is a challenge. Building and maintaining healthy relations with the employees is a key requirement for your business to succeed. The manner in which the representatives of the company interact with the employees can have a huge impact on the workplace culture. By maintaining positive employee relationships we can reduce workplace conflict, …

By : Akhil Gopakumar

Managing Finance as your Team Expands

Effective management of finance is a crucial part of running a growing business. As the team expands, financial management helps you to evaluate the success of your business strategy and to identify the most cost-effective way to build capabilities. So that it matches your needs and can expand with your business. Here are the key …

By : Govind

Transition from Senior Software Engineer to a Project Manager

As a part of a startup team, after six years of grueling effort to become a self-learned software engineer, finally, the time has come for me to step up into the managing role. The transition seemed easy at first gaze. Even the  first project seemed smooth, as I was working on the same project before. …

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