Increase Coding Speed

By : Govind

6 Ways to improve coding speed and optimize performance

Speeding up your coding skills is an important factor for all the coders out there. Many of them have no clue as to how to improve coding speed. Some try to rush through the code and end up with a bunch of bugs. Other few takes their time and end up with an unbeaten timeline. Here are the major things to be taken care of if you want to improve coding speed.


1.Typing Speed

improve coding speed
Typing speed isn’t the single biggest factor for increasing your coding speed, but it plays an important role in your coding. The better you are at your typing, the less you need to focus on the keyboard. It sounds like a small gap. But you are actually diverting your focus from the code. Imagine this happening the entire time. It sums up to be big enough distraction. Time isn’t the problem it is the number of times you lose your focus from the code.


2.Knowing the Language

improve coding speed
Your knowledge, of the language, is a key factor for fast coding. Imagine how much time you could save if a big function you wrote could be replaced by a simple library function. If you are good at the language, you will know which could be the fastest way to code.


3.Organized Plan of Execution

Speed up Coding
Before you set your hands on the keyboard, you must plan ahead. You know what you want to achieve. Break it into smaller sections. Have clarity on how you are going to do a section. And once you are clear on that, you can proceed to code it.  This helps you to keep your focus on coding, rather than thinking how to code and then code. The more you know about how you are going to do it, the less you need to think while coding. By doing this, you will have your undivided attention to each steps of coding.


4.Keyboard Shortcuts, Hotkeys & Code Snippets

Speed up Coding
This is another factor that keeps your mind focused on what you are doing. You might be wondering how this could be considered even a factor in this topic. But trust me, it helps a lot. In the beginning it could seem to be frustrating, but once you are used to it, it totally changes things. You get to do everything with the keyboard and your hand rarely goes to the mouse.


5.Optimizing your code helps you to improve coding speed

Speed up Coding
It is very important that you should keep the code as small and as clean as possible. As a coder, you will know that there are far too many ways to achieve the same result. Your objective should be to keep it the smallest. This part takes time and practice. Once you are done with a section, you should try to make it better. Challenge yourself to shorten it. With practice, you will finally know that best way of approach to solve a problem.


6.Reusable Code

Speed up Coding
Keep a stock of the functions that are commonly used. You should be knowing, which all functions has a chance for repeating in your project. Even if not in that project, there could be certain functions like XML to Data table parsing   which will be useful in many projects. You can keep a stock of these functions outside the project for reuse. This saves a lot of time. And try to keep such functions in the universal use format, so that you just have to copy and paste.
These are the basic things, I feel, can be done to improve coding speed. Keep working on it. And never give up.
Happy Coding………

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