Important points to check when launching website

By : Anish John

8 Important Points To Check Before Launching Website

Excited at launching your new website? You have every reasons to be. Your days of work and research is going to be a reality and you are also looking forward to acquire more customers through your website. Yes, exciting times ahead. But if you don’t finish it well, all your efforts till now is going down the drain.

I have been in the same situation as you for the past one week as we were getting ready to relaunch our Neovibe website. I made a checklist for making sure that we don’t miss anything while going live and would like to share with you the 8 important points so that it could help you launch an awesome website with minimal deficiencies.


1. Page speed

This is one of the most important factor to check before going live. On an average a user wont spend more than 4 seconds seeing the loading circle. So you got to make it real quick and you can do that with the help of some the following tools:

Both these tools give you good insight on how to make your page load faster. I am not writing in detail on how to make your pages load faster as it is already available as per your website in the above tools. Check the screenshot we have taken before deploying our website.

Google Pagespeed Insights


2. Cross Browser Compatibility

Most of us find it really difficult to check this. But believe me, this is the most important process for attaining success using websites. Your customers are going to be using a range of browsers which they like. Even though, Google Chrome has the most market share, you don’t want to miss the customer who is using a Mozilla or Internet Explorer. Please make sure that you have checked for compatibility in the below browsers which I have picked by considering usage by people. This is a must before you launch your website or you are going to miss traffic from your prospective customers.

Major internet browsers


3. Mobile Compatibility


If you are planning to launch your website without making it compatible for mobile devices, then you should think again. Nowadays, everyone carry mobile phones and tablets. When they hear or want to check something, they use these device to check. So you don’t want to make a bad first impression. Make a responsive website which adjusts to the screen size of the user device. If you have already developed a responsive website, you have done a great job. But do check all the pages for mobile compatibility. You should check in both Android and IOS devices for compatibility. It would be great to check even in Windows phone. The most number of devices you give compatibility, you have chance of acquiring more and more customers.

Responsive Website
Responsive Website is a must nowadays


4. Analytics


Anything that cannot be measured is an assumption. You don’t want to make assumptions while building and deploying your website. You need to get the correct metrics to find which page is generating traffic and which one is not.  Google analytics is one good tool to measure the number of page visits and the traffic details. If you want a detailed metrics on how many people have clicked on a particular button or if you want to know how many people who signed up uploaded their profile picture, you can use Mixpanel which is one of the best tools to measure event based analytics. The newly introduced Mixpanel Autotrack is an awesome tool to attain this. The setting up of autotrack is really simple please refer Mixpanel site for more details. Whatever the tool you use, don’t forget to implement analytics.

Google Analytics screen
Google Analytics screen for a website.


5. Forms function


Forms are the only way for a customer to communicate with us and hence it should be implemented properly. These are the 3 important factors to check whether your forms are working properly.

  • Check whether you are getting a mail when a customer submits a form
  • Check whether a message is being shown to user confirming successful submission
  • Make sure that the user also receives an email confirming the receipt of entry.

The third point is almost every time left out. But trust me it makes a huge difference when your receives an email saying you have received the request he has sent and you will reply promptly.

Successful submission email
Don’t miss to show your customers some love


6) Linking


This is one thing that almost everyone will get right since you have been testing the site for some time. But still a gentle reminder to check all the links if you haven’t done that.


7) Favicon


Don’t miss any opportunity to show off your brand. Favicon is one place where you can show your branch feature. Don’t miss to put a favicon as it will take the feel off your website. Its always good to have favicons. Check the image below and decide for yourself whether you want or don’t want to put a favicon .

Website Favicon
Check the tabs with and without favicons


8) Spelling and Grammar


Don’t think that you can skip this since I put this last. I am sure everyone of you must’ve already decided to go live without proofreading the content. But stop and take time to go through each and every page of your website. Try to get someone else to read through all the pages so they can point out what missed your eyes. i know this is frustrating but this is of utmost importance as you don’t want your customers to think you are incompetent.

Small things come together to make big success. All the above points are very small and easily neglected. If you can get all the above things right, you have begun well. As someone said a job well begun is half done. This is your first step to online success. I hope this post helps you in launching your website successfully. If you feel something should be added, please comment with your thoughts.

Happy launching!!

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