Technology Partner for Your Product

By : Akhil R P

Finding a suitable technology partner for your product

Starting up is always a risky as well as an exciting journey. There are different kinds of people who wish to startup; one’s who wish they could but never do it and the one’s who actually take up the challenge. People who actually start up either have a brilliant idea and technical knowledge or they are just great in business skills. They either team up with a technical guy to build a team in house or they find a technology partner whom they can trust on the long way ahead. That’s when the million dollar question arises. How do you find a technology partner?

Choosing the right guys

Partnering with someone whom you don’t even have prior acquaintance is like trusting a stranger to take care of your new born baby.

Virtually any technology service provider can answer your questions to some degree but understanding your underlying needs allows us to engineer a solution specific for your concerns. So the real question behind every inquiry we receive is – How do I solve “this problem”? And for that you need a partner not a product line.

Choosing a product is simple, choosing a technology partner – not so much.

Your technology partner should be an extension of your team – a strategist and engineer rolled into one.Let me help you understand how we served as technology partners for some passionate founders across the globe to convert their brilliant ideas into great products.

What to look for while choosing a technology partner

Get in touch with the technology provider’s current clients before you sign. Look feedback that expresses dedication, passion , great service and superior products. Look for a provider who emphasizes security and compliance as the top priorities. As an extension of your team, your technology service provider should be available when you need them. Understand the way they handle their customer care.

What Neovibe can offer you
  • Experience 

We have built more than 15 startup products over 3 years. This helped our team to understand the nitty-gritty of product and add value.We have worked as technology partners with founders across verticals like healthcare, e commerce, education and more.

  • Long term relationship

We provide dedicated maintenance & support to keep your business up and running. For some of the startups, we started working at an early stage and we are still working with them.

  • Flexibility in Execution

We understand the challenges associated with working with startups, including evolving specifications, requirements for agility, long and odd working hours and expertise in cutting edge technology.

  • End to End Solution Capability

We offer one stop solution for your technology needs right from design, and development to testing, deployment & product support. Not just minimum viable products (MVP) but we can help you build a real solution that can actually scale on demand. We have the experience to deploy products on top of cloud that can be maintained and scaled easily.

  • Security 

We follow business ethics. As your startup tech partner, we understand the ethics of secrecy towards sensitive ideas, information & business.

  • Cloud Expertise

Our cloud computing strategies can accelerate business transformation through agility, scalability & faster time to market. Our automation techniques can help you reduce cloud costs significantly.

  • Team

You get a UX designer, an architect, experienced programmers, QAs & also a product Manager to ensure synergy and direction. Throughout the life cycle of the product, we ensure it gets right attention from right people required at each stage.


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