By : Shabeena Mol

How to Maintain Employee Relationship in a Company

Managing a team is a challenge. Building and maintaining healthy relations with the employees is a key requirement for your business to succeed. The manner in which the representatives of the company interact with the employees can have a huge impact on the workplace culture. By maintaining positive employee relationships we can reduce workplace conflict, improve employee morale, and ultimately the productivity. Knowing them on an individual level, ask them for their opinions, listen to what they have to say, encourage them to stand on their grounds, etc are some of the key points.

Here are some ways to improve employee relationships in a company.

Start From Their First Day

For a new employee first impression is important. Have a friendly talk with them, Greet them and take the time to personally get them to set up the work. Introduce them to their coworkers and assign a mentor for help. This may make them feel like they are valued. The positive tone that we create from the beginning remains with them.

Promote Communication

Open and clear communication plays a major role in improving employee relations. Work-related issues, the conflict between employees, confusions, and misunderstandings are common in the workplace and it is due to this poor communication.
For knowing them on an individual level arrange a one on one session, where employees can speak out their suggestions, opinions, and feedback. This is to be conducted periodically and to be recorded.
Create opportunities for employees to connect and promote social interactions and encourage employee cooperation. Make sure that employees must have their lunch together at the same time. This will improve interactions between employees. Help them out by providing assistance whenever they needed. Mold them to express their ideas and thoughts and ask questions without fear.
Another key to communication is to be transparent. Employees who feel like their managers are open, honest, trustworthy are far more likely to be less stressed and more happy at work.this create a more cooperative workplace atmosphere.

Make Them Feel Valuable

Appreciation for a job well done more to motivate them.
Take time to recognize your employee’s efforts on a regular basis will help keep them engaged and they will be more open to working. Say thank you for the big and small things they have done. Employees will be more engaged if he feels like he has a supportive supervisor who recognizes the good work. Let them know they have value. Letting them know they handled a difficult situation well or did a good job makes them feel like they are an asset to your team. Praising employees in public for their accomplishment and contribution to the company makes them feel valuable. This will inspire others to work harder.

Organize Birthday parties, Christmas parties, etc.

This small initiative can actually go along to create a better bonding between employees. Ask them to decorate the office and the necessary arrangements for the party. This creates an interaction between employees. They would actually take the initiative and organize things together.

Promote Healthy Work-life Balance

Employees who feel like their employers are supportive develop a sense of loyalty. By creating a work environment that promotes work-life balance for the employees and gives them the flexibility to balance both aspects of their life will improve relations and ultimately create a strong team.

Inspire and Reward

Encourage employees to set goals which are difficult but achievable. They work better and happier and more productive when they are motivated by encouragement and inspiration. When someone reaches the goal, acknowledge them by gathering the whole team together and announcing the achievement.
Another way to inspire employees is to reward them. Offer them a reward like smaller gifts, bonuses, or any other rewards make them keep motivated.

Share the Company Mission and Vision

The vision of the company should not be a secret. Employees want to know what they are working toward and they want to know their role in fulfilling the vision. Share with employees the company’s core values such as honesty, service, or quality. These values help employees to feel like they are part of something important.

Help the Employees to be Happy at Work

Happy workers are creative and better at solving problems. Letting them know that we care about their happiness is the first step. Make sure that they are in the right work and they are happy in the work. A healthy relation among employee and the employer create a positive ambiance at the workplace. They feel happy and satisfied at work. They look forward to working hard and realize the team’s as well as the company’s goal.


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