Make VR Headset Compatible

By : Anish John

Make VR Headset compatible with Yureka Plus

Last day I bought a ANT VR Headset from Amazon. I was excited to get my hands on the headset and experience VR in my phone which is Yureka Plus from YU. The seller was Cloudtail and the item reached within 3-4 days! I was really excited and opened the package in a hurry and inserted my phone into the slot and put it on. I could see everything properly. Great! I could even see extra things!. The images were getting doubled. Here I will list all steps I took to make Vr headset compatible with my phone.

I tried removing the stickers on top of the lens which was intended to protect them and also tried to adjust the lens by moving them sideways but to no result. Everything was double again. I tried the headset on other phones owned by my friends and it was working fine everywhere except in my phone. All my excitement now turned to frustration. I was really expecting it to work properly so that I could check out some VR stuff and was also planning to develop some apps myself. So I decided to make vr headset compatible with my phone. If you are facing the same issue, don’t worry because I have found the solution for this and I have described it below which you can also use to solve without any coding or technology skill required. This is not just applicable to Yureka or ANT VR but with any VR headset and phone.


Step 1 : Go to


make vr headset compatible with yureka plus
Google Cardboard profile generator


Step 2 : Follow the steps mentioned in the site by scanning the QR code provided.


make vr headset compatible with yureka plus
QR Code for device configuration



Step 3 : Enter the ppi of your phone when asked. You can google to find your device ppi. For Yureka plus it is 401


make vr headset compatible with yureka plus
Enter PPI of your device when asked



Step 4 : After the above step, the phone will  ask you to go full screen and tap on the screen to continue. But for me it didn’t work. So I skipped that step. Try if its working for you. Even if its not working there is no problem.


make vr headset compatible with yureka plus
Tap Screen to continue was not working for me


Step 5 : Now return back to the profile generator web page and scroll down to see a form. Start filling the form.


Step 6: The 2 important metrics is the “Screen to lens distance” and “Inter-lens distance”. I tried googling for the values for ANT VR but to no avail. Then I took the classical approach. Took a steel ruler and measured it manually on the headset. You can do this for your headset also. For ANT VR the SLD is 53mm and ILD is 58mm.


make vr headset compatible with yureka plus
Values for ANT VR



Step 7 : Please note that I didn’t get the values right on my first attempt. I had to do some trial and error to find out the right values. There are 2 more fields called Distortion coefficients. I didn’t know what that was and since google was not allowing me to put value 0 in that, I put it as 0.001


Step 8: Submit the form and google will generate a qr code for you. QR code for ANT VR will look something like below.


make vr headset compatible with yureka plus
ANT VR Config QR Code


Step 9: Scan the QR Code with Google Cardboard app to configure the app.


Step 10: Put on your headset and check if the problem still exists. If the issue persists, try changing some values and check how its affecting the visuals and adjust accordingly. 


Step 11: Once it is working fine, be proud to have fixed something you thought was not fixable. Yes, I was more happy and proud at fixing this than experiencing VR. And moreover i have mastered the art of how to make vr headset compatible for my phone.


Hope the above steps helped you experience VR in your own phone and headset.



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