vibez '17

By : Akhil R P

Vibez ’17 – The team motivating event of Neovibe

As we successfully surpassed 3 years of existence as an IT firm that delivers high quality enterprise and startup products in the mobile and web domain, the top brass of Neovibe decided to conduct a team session at Hotel Hilton Garden Inn at Trivandrum on the second Saturday of January 2017. The program was titled Vibez ’17, which aligns with our company name Neovibe. The event was a first of its kind for us, later on decided to be conducted every year on January’s second Saturday.
A fine Saturday morning with high spirits and an enthusiastic team meeting planned ahead, combined with brainstorming and future strategies of Neovibe. Vibez mainly aimed at presenting three things

  • Where we came from ?
  • Where we are now ?
  • Where we aim to go ?


Our Project Manager Mr Govind Jeevan was the Master of ceremonies. He delivered the intro speech speaking about the agenda for the event and sessions to follow. This was to be followed by

  • Keynote – Akhil Pillai, CEO
  • Operations Analysis – Anish John, COO
  • Technology Vision – Azeem , CTO
  • Team Meeting
  • Ending Note


The keynote section started with our CEO explaining how Neovibe was born out of the idea of 3 passionate individuals with a basis towards action. How we had begun as providing the digital advantage for local small businesses. How we came along despite things not being rainbows and butterflies and how we stayed the course. This session was really important for our new joinees in the team as it was an imperative to engage them on a detailed level in our vision ahead.


After Neovibe’s inception in mid 2013, we signed up with global giants such as Muthoot Group, EY to provide digital solutions in web and mobile domain. Also we have had the privilege to engineer 20+ products for exciting startups in the healthcare, e commerce domains.


2016 was an year in which we re-branded ourselves to serve particularly for startups (product engineering) and for enterprises (technology to improve their workflow efficiency).  We got 2 advisers on board mainly for accelerating our technology and business expertise. Our website was redesigned from a funky looking startup website to a corporate one. We were in a mood of transitioning ourselves to a big player in the industry. Lot of overhauling was needed in our operations. With that being said, it was the turn of our COO Mr Anish John who took the onus to take us through the operational changes which we had undergone.


Our COO began his session with the famous quote from Robin Sharma, which says “Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end”.
When it’s about operations and process following at Neovibe, our COO Anish John has always been the front-runner and the hard task master. 2016 was an year to pull ahead in terms of process overhauling and chew over new strategies in terms of operational efficiency and project delivery. Moving towards Continuous Integration and Automation to enhance project delivery efficiency were a few points of discussion. Also the strengthening of testing and quality assurance team was spoken about. He was particularly adamant about better resource management and putting a halt to disorganized multitasking. Also he intimated the team that it was high time for us to delve into the latest technologies such as AR and VR.

From the technology perspective, our CTO was in for a deep dive, edifying about how the team should stay abreast and focus without missing a beat on the latest developments. As they say “Once a new technology starts rolling, if you are not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road”.


Technologies like Angular2, Vue JS were on the cards for our tech team in this year. Another important aspect of his presentation deck was about the focus on Java. He also run by them the usage of CSS preprocessors, task runners and devops keeping in mind the benefits such as speed, rapid delivery, reliability, scale, improved collaboration and security. The major announcement was implementation of best security practices that will be followed for each of the projects. This will be the number one priority for us this year as we are in a age where the competitors get the better of a customer with online hacking and other unethical means.

The team unwinding session shortly began after the technology briefing. This session mainly focused on building a synergy around, especially with the newbies of Neovibe. It was essential for us to run by them the vision we hold and about the energy and passion our whole team possess. Gyan sharing and the individual feed backs from the new ones at Neovibe were the highlights of this session.
It was time then to leave for a sumptuous buffet lunch after a well informative 2 hours.

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