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By : Akhil R P

Tools to enhance your work productivity

Our level of productivity is one of the best ways we can push Neovibe toward success. There are numerous tools that we use to enhance our productivity, save time and push growth. You probably recognize and understand the importance and value of tools. Also you need to invest in tools that can help you optimize, automate, and improve every aspect of your business—from sales and marketing, to employees and customer. These tools can be listed under sales ,marketing, customer support, data/analytics, project management, productivity, social and learning.

Here are a few that we use.


Google Apps – The inevitable!

Gmail – Best when it comes to mail. User intuitive, seamless & fast. Gmail for business is A-Okay and performs without a glitch.

Sheets – Google sheets are a breeze for people who are good at number & formulas. To make a quick quote or an expense chart or to project your company finance structure and the employee salary details, sheets could surely be your best companion.

Docs – We use docs mainly to create one page proposals for our prospects. Accessibility & collaboration are the brownie points that google docs earn from its users. Whether its mobile or your lappy, these features standout.


AWS – The best in the business!

AWS quickly scaled our offering and reduced run times. Our clients were super happy. Building business using AWS has been a delightful experience and enhanced our productivity too. Also it helps us comply with data-security standards and give us a robust platform that is trusted by business partners and customers.


Flock – The name says it all!

Things get messed up when people communicate with you through various platforms. Flock makes things easier, it helped our team to be more productive and communicate at one place. With concerned channels for different departments or projects, it helped us to manage things remotely. Flock offers you to drop documents and kick-start things faster.


Stickies – Small but makes a difference in productivity!

They will never support animated dancing figures but just plain text as you know. Once created, they will stay on screen until you take them away. Its one of the simplest ways of telling you “Hey buddy, you have these many things to be done”. If you have a sticky with a reminder, then perfect!


Quire – Unfold your ideas!

Its one of the best collaborative task management tool for breaking down goals in hierarchical lists. Currently they are not on mobile, but the web version is user friendly, simple and free.


Canva – Design like a pro!

Design your company’s social media posts, event images with canva. You don’t need any design expertise. Also they have a list of free templates,images & fonts which you can use. You can even upload your own images to create designs. Check it out at


Wave –  Safe as a house!

Not only is Wave the best free small business accounting website, but it’s one of the best online resources period for its target small business audience. It’s so easy when it comes to accounting or invoice creations. Wave takes care of it all. You can create and send professional invoices, estimates and receipts in seconds. Track the status of your invoices and payments so you can know when to expect money in your account.


Skype – Needs no intro!

This is a no brainer. Yes we Skype with clients when it’s a video call, an audio call or a chat. Skype is a must when you interact with clients/prospects especially outside India considering the exorbitant call rates


Marvel – Show them how it works!

Marvel is a free prototyping and collaboration tool that lets designers transform their files into interactive, shareable prototypes view-able on any device and get feedback. Marvel wants to solve the problem of how designers and agencies deliver their work to clients and teams. Putting beautiful high-resolution mock-ups and designs into a PowerPoint or Email is no way to win a pitch or showcase work.

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